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Care about your tires everyday


Care about your tires everyday

Tires are basically maintenance-free, but care should be taken to protect the tires during daily driving. The experts gave the following suggestions:

1. Simply look at the tires before driving every day: mainly check if there are any tires that are deficient, if any, slow down to the repair shop to inflate, if the loss is serious, you must replace the spare tire, and then find out the cause and repair the loss as soon as possible. Gas tires.

2. Slowly up and down the road steps: When the car is on the upper and lower steps, it is necessary to find the slope up and down as much as possible, and the speed is slow, otherwise it is easy to damage the tire and the hub, and it is easy to drag the bottom.

3. Regularly remove foreign matter from the tire pattern: Observe the pattern of the tire at regular intervals to see if there are stones or nails stuck on it.

4. Regular tire transposition: When the vehicle runs 15,000 to 20,000 km, the tires are changed (including spare tires), and the four tires of the vehicle are replaced with the spare tires to make all the tires wear more evenly. Not only does this extend the life of the tires, but it also ensures a balanced grip on each tire.

5. Maintain normal tire pressure: Usually the original factory will have a guiding range for tire tire pressure, generally attached to the driver's seat. The tire pressure is generally in accordance with the original factory regulations, of course, the calibration pressure of various tires is different, but it is best not to exceed this range. In practical applications, the lower the tire pressure, the better the car feel, the vibration is also small, but relatively oily. Now that the winter is over, the owner can maintain a normal low tire pressure to ensure that the car can run normally.

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