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How soon does your wheel repair machine ship?


After entering December, the company has received more and more orders, and customers can also see that containers are often sent from our company. After each customer pays, what they are most concerned about is when they can deliver the machine, and they all hope to receive the machine as soon as possible, so how do we ensure the on-time delivery of the wheel repair machine at the busiest time? That is strong production capacity and sufficient product inventory for customers.

If you buy something you like on an e-commerce platform, you definitely want it to appear in front of you immediately. Although ordering our wheel repair machine did not arrive in front of you through express delivery as quickly as fast-selling products, because there is time for goods preparation and sea transportation, but the mood of customers after purchase is the same, and they all want to see themselves in front of you as soon as possible. Treasures purchased far away. For our wheel repair machine, strong production capacity and sufficient inventory preparation are the guarantee for fast delivery.

Because of China's environmental protection in the past two years, many domestic manufacturers are facing the problem of long delivery cycles, but HIENCE's wheel repair machine have indeed delivered in time. Because we have prepared enough accessories in advance, customers can prepare machines for customers in the shortest time. When every foreign customer visits our company to inspect our wheel repair machine, they will find that we will prepare a large number of wheel repair machine series products in the workshop. These inventory products are mainly for mass orders from customers and foreign agents. Our main customers are located in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, South Korea and other countries with developed auto repair industries. The shipping time by sea is about 20 to 30 days. After the customer pays for the order, no matter how fast the delivery is in time, the customer still needs to wait for about 30 days to see the machine. For the customer, it really needs patience to wait for the machine to arrive. For our company, we can quickly send out the machine after receiving the order, gain time for our dealers, reduce time costs, speed up the operation of the sales cycle, and achieve a good development situation of win-win for us and customers.

When a buyer asks if we have stock for direct delivery, we can tell the customer with certainty: "Yes, our wheel repair machines are in stock. After you pay, we can ship directly, which can save you waiting time"

HIENCE wheel repair machines are still very busy. If you need to order wheel repair machines, they are in stock and can be shipped immediately without waiting.

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