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Automatic Refrigerant Recycle & Charge

Product Description:
Automatic Recover,Regenerate.....
utomatically diagnostic, leakage detect, recover, clean and recharge.

Technical parameters and features:

1.      Automatic/manual alternative Chinese /English operating system.
2.      Automatically diagnostic, leakage detect, recover, clean and recharge.
3.      Accurately weigh refrigerant with electronic weigh scale
4.      Purge filter enhance the effect of recycled refrigerant
5.      Main components are import parts to ensure the stable performance
6.      Inflate nitrogen, increase pressure, vacuum and detect leakage
Technical data
Recover rate ≤480g/min 
Coolant tank ≤12L
Charge rate ≤900g/min
Charge volume 0.1~12kg
Charge accuracy ±5g
Coolant R134a
Pump rate 90L/min
Compressor 3/8PH
weight 90